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The TicketNetwork Suites & Seats Program is an exciting offering from TicketNetwork, the leading source for the most comprehensive selection of tickets at competitive prices. Suites & Seats is designed with venues and teams in mind-our staff will work with you to maximize your sale of luxury suites, season tickets and other premium seating. This program will enable you to reach a broader market, maximize revenue and capture repeat sales.

Customized Marketing Solutions

The experts at Suites & Seats will help you create your personalized marketing plan, which may include search engine optimization to make your tickets easier to find, pay-per-click marketing to showcase your site in text-based ads across the internet, and your choice of a branded or private label ticket-selling website so that you control whether or not you can be identified as the ticket soruce.

How Does It Work?

The TicketNetwork Suites & Seats Program is like having a 24/7 sales force for your premium or luxury inventory.

  • Personalize Your Services
    Our experts will work with you to create a customized marketing solution that meets your needs.
  • Post Your Tickets
    Your inventory will be listed on our network of ticket-selling websites, which receive over 4 million unique visitors each month.
  • Fill the Orders
    Orders can be forwarded directly to you for processing, customer service and fulfillment, or, if you prefer, we can handle those tasks through our world-class customer service center. Either way, you continue the customer relationship after the sale to encourage repeat purchases.
What are the Benefits?
  • Customized plan. We tailor the program to meet your specific needs.
  • Privacy assurance. We can use a private label to hide your indentity as the ticket source.
  • No start-up costs. No hidden fees. Regardless of the package you choose, there is no cost to you until your suites or seats sell.
  • Maximized visibility. You can continue to sell the same suites and seats through normal channels.

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